Duck tabletop lamp (small)

Duck tabletop lamp (small)


Duck is a tabletop lamp that can be used as a working light or as a decorative bird sculpture.. Its light shines out from under its oak 'beak' shade.

You can adjust the angle and attitude of Duck by turning the brass handle. This operates the 'rack & pinion' gear to rotate the bird body relative to its legs. You can also adjust the angle of the duck beak itself by loosening and tightening the eyeballs.

  • Hand-engineered limited edition of 25

  • Aluminium, oak, stainless steel, brass

  • Size of a medium rabbit

  • Weighs 4kg

  • 240V mains powered

  • GX53 LED bulb

  • Designed and handmade by Dan Morrison

Inspiration: ducks, other birds with flat beaks, mechanical toys, mechanics, automata, zoos, bird houses, budgerigars, parrots.

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