Terms & Conditions

The lane behind the workshop

The BLOTT WORKS commitment to you can be summarised as: 

  • Guarantee - All BLOTT WORKS products come with a 5 year guarantee for all parts and workmanship.

  • Delivery - Free to mainland UK. All other destinations at current cost.

  • VAT and taxes - We do not charge VAT on any sale to the UK. Outside the UK our price includes region-specific duty.
    Full refund
    - If for any reason you are not happy with your item after two months we will refund all your money and collect the item.

  • Standards Compliant - All products are designed and built to comply with the relevant codes and recommendations, and so are completely safe and robust.

  • Made to Order - Work will begin as soon as your order is received and your payment is cleared. You can expect to get your new unique hand-built BLOTT WORKS product within 2-6 weeks.

  • Limited Edition - All BLOTT WORKS products are created as limited editions, and come with a unique edition number.

  • Custom Variations to an Edition - Each product is handmade and therefore unique. On occasion variations on the product theme will be produced. For example, Pebble & Chain clock is available in different colours and finishes, and will also come with casings made from different materials such as ceramics. These will be sold as part of the original set of limited editions.

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