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Sculptural lamps, clocks and other useful things for lovers of architecture, engineering and the natural world
BLOTT WORKS - Clamshell Alchemist lamp - photo by Pete Gardner - for website with credit text added.jpg

Hand built

Lamps &


for lovers of architecture, engineering & the natural world

These extraordinary functional sculptures are fascinating, intriguing and very clever indeed!
— Angie Bower, Editor, CRAFT&DESIGN Magazine
BLOTT WORKS - Jodrell Nixie grandfather clock in office space.jpg

Stand-out statement pieces

Seriously cool but delightful limited-edition lamps, clocks and other useful things, designed to impress and amuse your friends and colleagues at home or at work. Not for the faint-hearted.

BLOTT WORKS - Dan Morrison at work on lathe - IMG_0969.jpg

Hand built in England

Produced by award-winning artist-engineer Dan Morrison using his distinctive mix of materials that all have a rich industrial and decorative heritage - aluminium, oak, brass, steel and concrete.

BLOTT WORKS - Clamshell Alchemist lamp - Felix - Close-up of handle.jpg

Joy of the functional

Created for people who know that engineered components can be beautiful. And who are also fascinated by the dazzling brilliance of the natural world around us.


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BLOTT WORKS - Brass clock face on Jodrell Nixie grandfather clock.jpg

Nixie clocks

Designed in collaboration with Bad Dog Designs

BLOTT WORKS - Pebble kinetic mechanical timer clock in cast aluminium with Dan Morrison.jpg

Kinetic clocks

BLOTT WORKS -Clamshell Alchemist lamp - photo by Felix lighting.jpg



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All our products are limited edition and handbuilt to order by us in the north of England. We are happy to work with you to adjust details to suit your requirements. Commissions welcome. There are no extra costs unless you live outside of the UK in which case we charge a nominal delivery fee. All products are available through this web site or by contacting us directly.

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Floor lamps

BLOTT WORKS - Duck mechanical tabletop bird lamp - IMG_1845_1.jpg

Bird lamps

BLOTT WORKS - Breeze kinetic fan-assisted vase displaying bluebells.jpg

Not just lamps & clocks

On the drawing board - Whale Wing Nixie clock prototype with gold coloured side panels.jpg

On the drawing board …

Blott Works - no other purchases have given us so much pleasure and they always provide a great talking point with our friends and relatives!
— Nic and Sue P, Happy customers

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About us

BLOTT WORKS is award-winning artist-engineer Dan Morrison who hand builds his unique functional statement pieces in his workshop in the Pennine borderlands and sells them around the world.

Dan likes architecture. And machines. He also likes birds, people and other natural forms. His past incarnations in theatre design, engineering, sound composition and funeral directing could seem disparate to others but they are very joined up in Dan’s mind.

His work draws on these things, not always intentionally, to produce items that have a strong sculptural, mechanical or architectural aesthetic, radiating personality and bringing a sense of ritual or play into everyday activities.

Sometimes whimsical. Never flimsical.