Crane desk bird lamp

Crane desk bird lamp


Crane bird lamp is both a desk lamp and a decorative bird sculpture. The oak 'beak' of the lamp acts as the lamp shade, with light emitting from its lower surface.

The reach of the lamp is adjusted by turning a brass handle to engage the 'rack & pinion' gear assembly. The beech spheres ('eyeballs') adjust the tension of the 'beak' shade so that its position can be changed by hand.

As the name suggests, the design of this lamp is a mix of the bird 'Crane' and the construction 'crane'.

  • Hand-engineered limited edition of 15

  • Aluminium, oak, stainless steel, concrete, brass and rubber

  • Size of a Heron (57cm tall x 15cm wide x 82cm deep (max))

  • Weighs 6kg

  • G9 LED bulb

  • 240V mains powered

  • Neck extends 25cm (80 degrees of rotation) from retracted to extended

  • Beak light has 190 degrees of rotation

  • Designed and handmade by Dan Morrison

Inspiration: cranes, herons, swans, construction cranes, heavy machinery, steel bridges, architectural structures, engineering parts, architect lamp, anglepoise lamp.

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The Great Crane Project

For more information on these beautiful birds and the project to bring them back to our island, have a look at the excellent Great Crane Project web site. There is loads of information on the birds themselves, on their history, on how they are achieving their goals and on how to help.

Here's a quote from their homepage that captures some of the magic of these majestic birds:

"'s spring, and the morning sun is slowly burning the mist off the marshes... Suddenly an explosive guttural call reverberates across the landscape. You walk towards the source of this incredible sound, and catch a glimpse of movement in the meadow grasses. With bill turned skywards, a piebald head on a long slender neck is heralding the day. Your heart almost stops. Unmistakable- it's a crane!

Cranes are beautiful. Their trumpeting calls sound astonishing. And they have a courtship dance that has to be seen to be believed."

Before hunting and the draining of our wetlands wiped them out, cranes were plentiful and widespread in the UK.