Jodrell grandfather Nixie clock

Jodrell grandfather Nixie clock


Jodrell is a collaborative piece designed with Paul Parry of Bad Dog Designs. It is a contemporary take on the traditional grandfather clock.

The clock uses four IN-12 Nixie tubes set in a circular brass plate. It is WiFi enabled for time synchronisation. and has a switchable backlight which bounces reflected light from the dish. When this backlight is turned off it is replaced by a rotating glow that indicates the passing seconds.

  • Hand-engineered limited edition of 15

  • Aluminium, oak, brass, stainless steel and Nixie tubes

  • Height 1.6m

  • 4 x original IN-12 Nixie tubes

  • 240V mains supply

  • Supplied with different materials for base

  • Designed and made by Dan Morrison and Paul Parry

This floor standing Nixie clock is named ‘Jodrell’ as a nod to the British scientific observatory at Jodrell Bank. This is because it has the appearance of something that is waiting patiently for incoming extraterrestrial communications.

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