Time for a web site overhaul!

Our last web site was set-up back in 2014 and has been doing good service since then. But despite endless reworks and tweaks it became clear that we needed a proper restructuring to reflect where we are now and what we have to offer.

Our work has always positioned itself somewhere in the middle of the art/design/craft triangle and in the past we have focussed more on the art and craft (handmade) side. Going forward, for the medium term at least, we are going to think of ourselves as artist-designers, with the emphasis on the designer.

We have also tried to design things that are gender neutral, in the sense that they appeal to both men and women. This has been important and I think that we have been fairly successful in this. But the truth is that a lot of our work tends to appeal to our masculine sides more than our feminine sides.

So we wanted to reflect these things in our website and other marketing activities. Hence the redesign. Let us know what you think!

Dan Morrison