Reflective Tile clock by ANDY PLANT

Reflective Tile clock by ANDY PLANT


The Reflective Tile Clock was originally developed by Andy Plant as part of a collection of large animated clocks designed in collaboration with automata maker and cartoonist Tim Hunkin. It is now available as part of our product collection.

This clock features a slowly undulating clock face. The light hitting the moving tiles reflects an ever changing view of the surroundings. It is fitted with a speed controller so that the tile movement can be adjusted to suit a particular location.

The clock is available in a variety if anodised aluminium colours or clear polished mirror finish

The clock shown is a functional prototype. Please contact us to discuss details and timing.

  • Edition of 8

  • Designed by Andy Plant ( and Tim Hunkin (

  • 150 cm x 150 cm x 15 cm approx

  • Materials: stainless steel gears, anodised aluminium tiles

  • 240V 50Hz mains powered

  • Prices start from £10,000

  • Made to order

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