Breeze #3 fan-assisted vase

Breeze #3 fan-assisted vase


Breeze #3 is a fan-assisted vase designed to animate flower displays. It uses a small electric fan to blow air through any grasses or flowers you choose to display. Use it to display fragrant flowers such as lavender and it will waft the sweet scent around the room.

  • Handmade limited edition of 25

  • 240V mains (with adaptor)

  • Size: small loaf of bread size

  • Materials: aluminium, glass, concrete, oak, electrics

  • Battery version available

  • For use with dry displays or with water

  • Safe for fingers - fan stops easily if touched

  • Low voltage so no risk of electrocution

  • Designed and handmade by Dan Morrison

Inspiration: plants in the garden, windy hillsides, windmills, turbines, japanese flower arranging - Ikebana

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