Works available to purchase

All of the works below are sold as unique variations of a limited series and are designed and hand-engineered by us in our workshop in the north of England. If you have any questions or would like to discuss ordering something please get in touch.

Beacon lamp (floor standing and table top)

Floor standing lamp - £2,750/£2,250(streamlined version)
Table-top lamp - £950

Limited editions of 15

Fresh out of the BLOTT WORKS studio, the floor lamp has been designed to operate both as a standard lamp (when closed), casting light patterns on its surroundings, or as an uplighter (when open), bouncing light off the ceiling for a more ambient effect. 

The table top version is a smaller, simplified version of the floor lamp. It stands 60cm tall and has been designed to sit on a sideboard or table. This lamp operates in the closed position (i.e. there is no 'uplighter' position).

This piece began with thoughts of a single stemmed flower such as a tulip or rose. This was overlaid with ideas of an upright lit match and engineered to open up like a flower, or two unclasping hands.

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Bird lamp series

These new bird lamps are not 'mini' by normal standards but are certainly smaller than their original full sized versions (see below). They were developed during Spring 2016 in response to requests for work that would suit a smaller space; they are all around 30cm tall. All are available in three versions: simple sculpture (no electrics), static lamp, and full mechanised deluxe lamp with winder.

Prices range from £395 to £1,850 and all are editions of 25*.

The four members of this series are:

Daisy Crane lamps

Larger lamps and light sculptures

The four lamps in this collection are the original, large Light Beam lamps that have become popular classics and have spawned a number of our other similarly themed and constructed sculptural lamps.

These lamps range in height, from The Clamshell Alchemist at 50cm to Hawk at 90cm.

Prices start at £1,650 and all are editions of 100.

The four members of this series are:

Pebble clock is a unique statement timepiece, featuring a delightful kinetic timer, crafted from sand-cast aluminium, stainless steel, with brass fittings and a dressed concrete base. It mixes a contemporary flavour with our love of classic car and bike design, kinetic art, curves, and character. Designed in collaboration with kinetic artist Andy Plant.

Price on request.

Sold as a unique variation of a series of 100.

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Vases and vessels

These vases have been designed to display grasses and similar tall stemmed flowers. They are made from the same simple materials used throughout the BLOTT WORKS collection, namely oak, concrete, aluminium and copper. The fan-assisted vases use a small electric fan to blow a breeze through flower arrangements to animate them and distribute their natural scents.

Prices begin at £250 and all a editions of 25.

Follow the links below for more information:

  • Breeze vase #1 (information coming soon)

  • Breeze vase #2 (information coming soon)

  • Breeze vase #3 (information coming soon)

  • Meadow vase

Sound Sculptures

Chirrup sound machine

 ‘Chirrup’ is a sound sculpture designed to sprinkle a little interesting sound into the home. It is configured like a three bar marimba with a winding handle to activate the beaters. The uniform turning of this handle creates random and chaotic stick movements, producing a burbling sound similar to natural elements such as moving air or water. 

Price is £1,500 and sold as an edition series of 20

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Balance & Spin lamps

These two lamps were originally inspired by the work of Maedir Rigolo and notions of balancing and floating, but also give a sense of potential/kinetic energy and capacitance. The oak arms are free to rotate and can be set in motion by a light tap, spinning the simple polished copper reflectors round about the central axis.

The price for 'Tree' is £1,350 and 'Spreading Tree' is £1,250 and both are sold as editions of 20.

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Andy Plant designs

Kinetic artist Andy Plant was involved with BLOTT WORKS in the early days and collaborated with Dan on the Pebble clock (above). Unfortunately he was unable to continue this work but has made these three animated designs of his available through BLOTT WORKS.

Prices start at £9,200 and all are limited editions

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