Works available to purchase

All of the works below are sold as unique variations of a limited series and are designed and hand-engineered by us in our workshop in the north of England. If you have any questions or would like to discuss ordering something please get in touch.

Beacon lamp (floor standing and table top)

Bird lamp series

Daisy Crane lamps

Larger lamps and light sculptures

Wing Nixie clock

Vases and vessels

Incense burner

Sound Sculptures

Chirrup sound machine

 ‘Chirrup’ is a sound sculpture designed to sprinkle a little interesting sound into the home. It is configured like a three bar marimba with a winding handle to activate the beaters. The uniform turning of this handle creates random and chaotic stick movements, producing a burbling sound similar to natural elements such as moving air or water. 

Price is £1,500 and sold as an edition series of 20

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Balance & Spin lamps

Andy Plant designs