Sun Light floor standing lamp

This floor standing lamp is designed for big indoor spaces and is inspired by planetary orbits around a sun and slingshot escape trajectories.

This lamp has been designed and made by Andy Plant for BLOTT WORKS and is still in development. It can be made to order to fit any space.

The photos shown here are of the first full sized prototype with a lot of detail work still to be done.

If you would like to find out more about Sun Light or would like to discuss commissioning one for yourself email Dan at


This lamp has been designed with large industrial indoor spaces in mind but can be customised to fit a variety of contemporary environments. It is essentially an upright standard lamp representing a sun, star or lighthouse, with two spot lights suspended out from its centre, as though orbiting it. Both these spots can be rotated around the central stand so that they can be positioned where they are needed in their setting, for example over a sofa, a desk or a special object.

The base is cast from reinforced concrete in the shape of an upside down trumpet bell and this gentle curve is followed up the stem of the light which is constructed from carved layers of hardwood plywood. As this stem reaches the main light the plywood layers open up into a ball shape and separate to provide open slats to release and reflect the light emanating from the bulb and glass cylinder at the centre of the globe.

Below the globe light is attached a stainless steel latticework girder which curves up and over the main light in a 'slingshot' path until it reaches the smaller spotlight positioned at its end, 3-4 meters from the stand. This girder and light can be easily repositioned by hand. 

Another smaller arm, also easily positioned, curves out from the stand, and holds the third light source in an orbital position half a meter or so from the main lamp centre.

The lamp requires a 240V electrical supply, and each lamp can be individually switched on and off.