Mini Bustard

This very lovable lamp is a smaller reworked version of Baby Bustard lamp and stands about 30cm tall.

This design began life with further experiments using the circular extending beam featured in the other Light Beam lamps which again started to suggest bird shapes and character. Due to its flamboyant nature it was decided to dedicate it to the Great Bustard bird which is currently being reintroduced into the UK.


Limited editions of 25

Available in three versions:

  • Simple Sculpture - £495
    This is a stripped down version without the electrics and kinetic mechanism. Just the clean lines and subtle mix of materials.

  • Static Lamp - £695
    This version has the light in the base shining through aluminium slats and has a two-part fixed body (no winding gears and handle).  (See images below).

  • Deluxe - Full Winding with light in base- £1,050
    This version has the full winding mechanism and handle with fully moving head and body. The lamp is in the base as with the Static Lamp, with the light shining through aluminium slats. (See images above).


  • Limited edition of 25
  • G9 LED bulb
  • 240V 50Hz mains powered
  • Materials are hard-anodised aluminium, stainless steel, hand dressed concrete, oak wood and brass.

Photos above are of the Static Lamp version of Mini Bustard