Meadow vase for grasses

'Meadow' has been designed to display grasses and thin stemmed flowers and is made from the same combination of materials used in other products in our range. The top portion is grey tinted concrete with sixteen holes arranged in a grid to hold the grass stems in formation. This sits in a glass Petri dish that rests on an oakwood base. This can be used for dry grasses or you can add water for plants that need a drink.


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Meadow has come about as a result of work currently being done on a fan-assisted vase that would blow a gentle breeze through the grasses to replicate the movement you see in plants out of doors but rarely see in plant arrangements indoors. But Meadow looked so pretty even without the fan that I decided to release it as a product in its own right.

The things I particularly like about the way Meadow works is how the grasses appear to be growing out of a grate, or have broken through tarmac, how the natural forms of the grasses burst through the heavily constrained and formal concrete, how the dense block of man-made material floats above the water pool held in the gleaming glass dish, which itself rests on the softer organic oak base, playing with the notion of natural beneath the artificial, of heavy and rough over soft and light. I like the way the bottom of the stems protrude below the concrete seeking moisture and space and how these are visible sandwiched between the other materials. And I love the way the oak/glass/concrete sandwich looks with the colours and textures.


  • Limited edition of 100
  • 18 cm diameter, 6 cm tall
  • Weight 870g
  • Materials are oak wood, glass, hand dressed concrete and nylon feet
  • 16 holes spaced as a grid to take plant stems
  • Fan-assisted version to be released soon ('Meadow Breeze")
  • Designed and handmade by Dan Morrison