Daisy Crane

A joyous sculptural piece that functions admirably as a strong and versatile desk lamp

This sculptural desk lamp makes a powerful statement piece that looks equally magnificent in locations ranging from the bedroom to the boardroom.

The DNA of this piece draws its industrial lineage from the beauty and awe-inspiring movement of large load-lifting machinery. This is then cross-fertilised with the delicacy and character of exotic plants and flowers to produce something with a strength and longevity tempered by the ethereal impermanence of the organic.

This piece features the familiar BLOTT WORKS brass winding handle that operates on a visible gear mechanism allowing the lamp body to be adjusted from the almost upright (half circle) stance to the fully extended stooped (three quarter circle) stance.

There are two sizes of Daisy Crane:

  • Regular (40 cm tall) £1,150
  • Large (57 cm tall) £1,500

Both sizes are made as limited editions of 15.

There is also a Special Edition that has been created specifically for an online auction (see images below). Please let us if you would like to know more.