Breeze fan-assisted vases

These vases have been designed to display grasses and similar tall stemmed flowers. They are made from the same simple materials used throughout the BLOTT WORKS collection, namely oak, concrete, aluminium and copper. They are fan-assisted vases use a small electric fan to blow a breeze through flower arrangements to animate them and distribute their natural scents.

£220 - £350

We all love the way plants and flowers are in constant motion in the garden and countryside. And it is such a shame that their pretty but static compadres sit motionless indoors. So, time to get our flowers and grasses waving and dancing again by the application of a gentle breeze. 

These vases are fan-assisted to blow air through whatever grasses or flowers you choose to display. Use them to display fragrant flowers such as lavender and they will waft the sweet scent around the room.

  • Limited edition of 25
  • Mains powered with 3V adaptor with speed controller
  • Battery version coming soon
  • Can be used for dry displays or with water
  • New designs coming soon (probably involving good-looking rocks)
  • Safe for fingers - fan easily stops if a finger touches it
  • Low voltage so no risk of electrocution!