Beacon [shine like a...]

Floor lamp - £2,750
Floor lamp (Streamlined)* - £2,250
Table-top lamp - £950

Limited edition of 15

The floor lamp version of this has been designed to operate both as a standard lamp (when closed), casting light patterns on its surroundings, or as an up-lighter (when open), bouncing light off the ceiling for a more ambient effect.

This lamp is 1.9 meters tall and is mounted on a brushed aluminium pole with a concrete and stainless steel base. The lights can be dimmed by adjusting the brass knob mounted at hand height.

The table-top version is a smaller, streamlined version of the floor lamp. It stands 60cm tall and operates in the closed position.


This design process began with thoughts of a single stemmed flower such as a tulip or red rose. This was overlaid with ideas of an upright burning match and engineered to open up like a flower or two unclasping hands.

When the main shade in the floor lamp is open the six upward pointing spotlights are visible and able to shine their light straight up. These bulbs are mounted on industrial springs and wrapped in hand-beaten copper sheets, giving echoes of stamen in a flower, or flowers within a flame. The gold wires that feed these spotlights have been left visible and interwoven like vines channelling the light up the stem.

The simpler table-top lamp uses a single Edison filament bulb mounted on the top of the aluminium pole to position it centrally in the wooden slatted shade.


  • Limited edition of 15
  • Six fully dimmable 7 Watt GU10 LED bulbs (floor lamp)
  • Single B22 LED filament bulb
  • 240V 50Hz mains powered
  • Materials are oak wood, aluminium, stainless steel, concrete, burnished copper and brass.
  • Height: Floor lamp - 1.9 meters; Table-top lamp - 60cm
  • Designed and handmade by Dan Morrison
  • Made to order, 3-6 weeks lead time

The six very bright LED spotlights used in the floor lamp give out a lot of light, particularly in its open 'uplighter' position, whilst using very little electricity. These are fully dimmable via the brass dial.

* The Streamlined version is the one I am showing at the October shows.

To discuss ordering a Beacon lamp, or to find out more, please email Dan at