Baby Bustard lamp

This friendly and characterful lamp is a member of our LightBEAM collection, and was inspired by the Great Bustard - the heaviest flying animal alive today, and one that became extinct in the UK in 1872 but is now being reintroduced.

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This chirpy little bird-lamp was the last of the three members of the LightBEAM collection to take shape and came about when playing with the telescoping beam idea some more, and finding that by turning it upside down it immediately looked bird-like (again) - this time with a much more cheeky character than the more languid Crane lamp. To balance the beak shaped shade, we wanted a big extravagant tail - initially we thought some sort of copper fan, but ended up taking a cue from our Pebble Chain clock and using hand-turned hardwood balls mounted on stainless steel rod. These seem to give the whole piece a sense of explosive energy and exuberance which really started to set the whole thing off. 

Working backwards, we then had a good hunt around for birds with similar characteristics that we could use as inspiration and guidance. We quickly stumbled upon the Great Bustard, which has a very similar story to the Crane - one of disappearance from the UK hundreds of years ago and its current reintroduction using birds from overseas. This bird was perfect in many ways and it is great to be able to pay it tribute through our design.


Our Baby Bustard is designed to be used as a desk or table lamp - the light shining out of the lower part of the wooden beak-shade. This is shade is fully adjustable and can be rotated through 90 degrees to shine the light wherever it is needed. The whole bird body can be rotated backwards and forwards by turning the mechanical brass handle mounted on its side, raising and lowering the head and tail giving endless combinations of posture, attitude and shape. The tail is also fully adjustable and easily rotated through 180 degrees. Because it is a highly visual and eye-catching piece we expect it to be used more as a self-lighting decorative object, producing all manner of beautiful light and shadow patterns on its surroundings.


  • Limited edition series of 100
  • 80 cm tall x 33 cm wide
  • Weight 6 kg
  • Beak light has 90 degrees of rotation allowing different configurations.
  • Materials are hard-anodised aluminium structure, hand-carved oak wood shade, rough-cast concrete base, with brass, resin and stainless steel fittings
  • 240V 50Hz mains powered, GU9 LED bulb.
  • Designed and handmade by Dan Morrison

A Baby Bustard lamp nesting in the window of Snug Gallery in Hebden Bridge, November 2014

Video of Dan giving a very rapid demonstration of a Baby Bustard lamp at Handmade in Chelsea, November 2015

The Great Bustard Project

  Diagram of a Great Bustard next to a person for comparison.

Diagram of a Great Bustard next to a person for comparison.

The Great Bustard Group is a UK Registered Charity that aims to establish a self-sustaining population of Great Bustards in the UK and create practical conservation measures for Great Bustards in Saratov, Russia. Great Bustards were formerly very much part of British wildlife before they were finally hunted out of existence in Britain by the 1840s. They have suffered similar dramatic declines in numbers across their range in the last 200 years and their global population is now estimated to be just 35,000 individuals. They are currently listed as Vulnerable in the IUCN Red List of Globally Threatened Species.

For more information visit the project website.