Hand-engineered Functional Sculpture

BLOTT WORKS is based in the north of England and produces limited-edition, hand-engineered, functional sculpture. The studio was founded by Dan Morrison in 2012 to fulfil a long-held desire to bring together in one place all the things he likes doing best, from the worlds of art, design, engineering and craft.

All work is designed to encourage interaction and introduce a sense of ritual or play into everyday activities. This usually involves a kinetic element or simple mechanism to adjust the piece or to set it in motion. The overall aesthetic is influenced by a love of characterful mechanical movement, by the sumptuous curves of custom cars and bikes, by the beauty of raw industrial materials, and by the functional charm of simple machine components.

Founder Dan Morrison taking it easy with his Crane desk lamp and a newspaper

Founder Dan Morrison taking it easy with his Crane desk lamp and a newspaper

Wherever possible parts and components are "over-engineered" to give an air of indestructible vulnerability and ensure they will last for generations. They are made out of the sorts of materials that have strong heritage in both practical and decorative settings such as industrial metals, concrete and hard woods.

The collection of work currently available consists of a family of desk and table lamps, some clocks, a large floor-standing lamp and a couple of fan-assisted vases.

Exhibitions and Shows 2016


If you would like more information about the work you see here or would like to discuss ordering a BLOTT WORKS limited-edition product please email Dan at dan@blottworks.com

Some other places to get your hands on an original BLOTT WORKS

Snug Gallery, Hebden Bridge (C, BB, CA)

Imagine Gallery, Sudbury (CA, P&C)

Vermilion Gallery, Knutsford (C)

Fisherton Mill, Salisbury (C, BB, CA)

Bils & Rye, Nunnington (currently out of stock)

Found Gallery, Dunbar (BB)

Panik Design, Milton Keynes (by appointment)

Vale Furnishers, Farnham (C, H, T)

Felix Lighting Specialists, Bath (CA)

Rolando Luci, Bourne (C)

Key to items in stock: C=Crane, BB=Baby Bustard, CA=Clamshell, T=Tree, H=Hawk, P&C=Pebble & Chain clock

Video demonstrating a Clamshell lamp

All our work moves in some way - usually by turning a brass handle...

A video of a Clamshell Alchemist sculptural lamp opening, set to 'Sunshine Dub' by Augustus Pablo. Filmed at the Handmade in Chelsea contemporary craft event in Chelsea Old Town Hall, November 2015

Dan having a brew at the BLOTT WORKS workshop door. 

Dan having a brew at the BLOTT WORKS workshop door. 

Short video of Dan talking about BLOTT WORKS at Chelsea Town Hall in November 2015

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